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Caricature by Kage
Kage A representative artist and President-Director Golden Nosey态Caricature of the Winner
NCN (National Caricaturist Network) Asia Ambassador.
From 1996 to December 2001, Kage drew caricatures in San Diego, California, where he further honed his skills as an artist. He has participated at over 500 events (ranging from private parties to Major League Baseball games), in addition to managing eight booths at shopping malls and even an exclusive space inside of the Tokyo Dome! Although he is currently based in Tokyo--and working in an industry developed in the United States--he has developed an extensive portfolio and an exceptional list of awards and accolades.
Before returning to Japan from America, Kage had a regularly-published serial in "Center Stage Magazine."
Today, Kage continues to spread joy and laughter to people in Japan and also around the world through performing at weddings, company parties,
community events, and also his gift caricatures which can be customized for any occasion!
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Winning Prize
2007 NCN Competition
Caricaturist of the year Golden Nosey(1st place)
Best Black and White 1st place
Best Color Technique 1st place
Caricature of the year 10th place
Golden Nosey态Caricature of the Winner
2006NCN Minicon in England

Best Overall Caricature 1st place
Best Color Technique 1st place

2006 NCN Competition
4th place in "Caricaturist of the year"
Outstanding Color Technique 1st place
Guest(M.Simon) of honor 1st place
2005 NCN Europe Minicon
Won, 2nd place Best Overall Caricature
on, 2nd place Best Colour Caricature
Won Best Black and White Caricature
Won Best Portfolio
2005 NCN Competition
9th place in "Caricaturist of the year"
2004 NCN Competition
6th place in "Caricaturist of the year"
3rd place in "Outstanding Exaggerated Style"
2003 NCN Competition
2nd place in "Best Likeness from Slides"
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